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Who we are

The story behind the founding of Rôck&Villa is one of two passionate professionals who, on their life journey, discovered the enchanting island of Mallorca. Paulo and Stefan knew at first sight that they had found something special, with picturesque villages and charming townhouses within them.

Inspired by their fascination by traditional Majorcan houses, they decided to combine their skills to embark on a journey to rehabilitate and renew these unique architectural treasures full of history.

Their mission: to give the Majorcan townhouses of old a new lease of life, infusing them with modernity and luxury of the highest quality standards while preserving their distinctive traditional features and charm.

Rôck&Villa is more than a passion project, with its vision to give individuals the fresh, innovative and luxury design and standards that they deserve.

Paulo is an architect and interior designer with over 20 years of experience in the fields of architecture and interior design, with extensive involvement in residential, commercial and public projects. In addition, he is also a product designer passionate about designing marble furniture.

Within the scope of
Rôck&Villa, Paulo is a co-founder that fills the role of a multi-disciplinary project manager. From conception to final completion, he oversees every stage of the project, spanning from early idea drafts to detailed project development, project management, and project/work supervision. Additionally, he assumes the position of interior designer and creative director of all Rôck&Villa projects.



Stefan is a digital professional with a strong passion for interior design and the world of real estate. Fueled with a thirst for creativity, he is also a perfumery hobbyist, specializing in crafting custom-made home fragrances tailored explicitly for each Rôck&Villa project.

As a co-founder of
Rôck&Villa, Stefan's responsibilities extend to property search, 360° logistics and financial planning and execution, as well as marketing strategy and sales.

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